Is Excel a Dripping Tap in Your Accountancy Practice?


excel training for accountants

Ask yourself…

  • How many hours a week do you think your team spend using Excel?
  • What is your team’s average hourly charge-out rate?
  • How much time do you think you could save if everyone got the best out of Excel?

Are the following true in your accountancy practice?

  • Varying levels of Excel expertise throughout the team?
  • Different working practices between fee-earners depending on their level of Excel expertise?
  • Large amounts of data entry?
  • A lack of understanding of how to use data in a spreadsheet?
  • Missed opportunities to really add value to your clients’ businesses (and to increase your fee income) because you can’t help them with their reporting?
  • A lack of common filing conventions?

If not – let us know now – as your firm is a rare bird indeed!

Excel Skills Training for AccountantsDoing The Maths
Seriously – You’re an accountant – do the maths! The right tool in this instance is the input of an Excel expert into your business. Contact Excellent Accountancy now.

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